• Calcium & Magnesium & Vit K2
  • Bone Health

Calcium Magnesium Forte is a 100% natural formula for maintaining strong bones.
AquaminTM is a vegetable sea mineral from red algae which is rich in calcium.
Combined with magnesium from the Dead Sea, the most absorbable form of vitamin
D3 (cholecalciferol) and vitamin K2(MK-7) is used for optimal results.

• For maintaining strong bones.
• Plays a role in bone formation.
• Is important for normal muscle function.
• Activates the natural energy within the body.
• Has a beneficial effect on the process of cell division.
• Contributes to strong teeth.
• Is important to the nervous system.
• Supports digestion.
• Has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.
• Supports the bones and skeleton.
• Helps maintain smooth and strong muscles.
• Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
• Contributes to fitness.
• Contributes to concentration, memory and mood.
• Helps build body proteins.
• Contributes to the process of cell division.
Vitamin D3:
• Is important for the composition of the bones.
• Is important for the muscles.
• Plays a role in tissue growth and development.
• Provides good resistance.
• Helps maintain strong teeth.
• Helps absorb calcium and phosphorus from food.
Vitamin K2:
• Is important for the composition of the bones.
• Assists in normal blood clotting.


Daily Dosage RDA*


880 mg
 = calcium elementair 308 mg


 = magnesium elementair

19 mg



Oxide Monohydraat

310 mg

 = magnesium elementair

126.5 mg


Vitamine D3

8.3  µg


Vitamine K2 MK-7 17  µg


  • For maintaining strong bones.
  • Take 1-2 tablets with water daily, preferably at mealtime.
  • Can be used for an unlimited period of time.
  • Always take the daily recommended dose.